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Who is this service for?

This service is suitable for those of you who understand their own financial needs providing a facility to purchase a Standard Personal Retirement Savings Account or other Pension product, without the costs associated with financial advice.

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Execution Only Service - What you should know

If you do not understand why you should save through a PRSA/Pension or what investment funds are appropriate to your risk profile, then this service may not be suitable for you. You will not receive any advice.

If you need to do additional research, then you can get general information on PRSAs from the Pension Board website.

Alternatively you can get an Information Pack from (including fund options) by sending us a request.

If you need specific information on the type of products or funds that may suit you best, you can either log-on to the PRSAs forum on and get the information for free, or talk to an adviser in your area, who will charge a fee.

We have also provided a research document download area on to get you started. is an "Execution Only" service, and the contract will be between you and the product producer.

Currently the only contracts available on these terms through are with Zurich Life. This should not be interpreted as a recommendation.